Telegraph Cove Cabins – Art Cards


Box set of 5 art cards.



Telegraph Cove is a mecca for Orca whale watchers as it is close to storied Robson Bight where the northern pods gather to scrub their bellies on the rocks.  Shown at low tide in 1994, the village and its cabins are enveloped in the rainforest mists that descend and settle in the hollows in the Cove.  Camera: Canon AE 1.  Film: Eastman Cine film EI 80.  CA 94-02-25

Box set of 5 art cards.

Art Cards are an inexpensive way to send beautiful photographic prints to friends and family. The cards are 5” x 7” and include an envelope. They are packaged in boxes of five, all with the same image. The image is presented with a white border around it, customized to the aspect ratio of the original. The inside is blank, allowing a personalized message. They require normal letter mail postage to mail.