About the Prints

Nominal Print Size vs Actual Image size

Mural-sized silver prints and most digital reproductions are printed on large rolls of paper. Photographic gelatin silver prints that come from a wet darkroom are most are commonly printed on pre-cut, common sizes.

My prints are sold as either 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20.  These are the nominal sizes; that is, the paper size I chose to work with.  The finished print, however, is almost always a bit smaller.  This is accounted for by cropping the original to improve the final image, printing a negative whose size ratio does not conform to the paper size, such as 6 cm x 6 cm, or 35 mm (which is actually 36×24 mm), and the leaving of white borders on the print before trimming.

Final Artwork Size

When I mount and mat my prints, I generally use a 9 or 10 cm (3 or 4 inch) mat border all around the image, with a weighting at the bottom.  After framing, an 11×14 print is usually close to 19×22 inches, and a 16×20 print finishes at around 24×28 inches, again depending on the image composition.  If exact size is important to you, please contact me for precise dimensions.

Mat work and shipping

All of my Black and White prints are mounted and matted with archival quality matboard.  Additionally, they are shipped in an envelope of glassine to ensure the pristine condition of the print. All applicable taxes are included in the shipping price.