Poplar Farm – Art Cards


Box set of 5 art cards.



Out at the far reaches of the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, BC, there is a roadside poplar farm, with its trees all unnaturally planted in rows.  The symmetry was compelling, and I just had to take the shot.  Camera:  Canon AE 1.  Film: Eastman Cine Film, EI 80.  CA: 02-06-35

Box set of 5 art cards.

Art Cards are an inexpensive way to send beautiful photographic prints to friends and family. The cards are 5” x 7” and include an envelope. They are packaged in boxes of five, all with the same image. The image is presented with a white border around it, customized to the aspect ratio of the original. The inside is blank, allowing a personalized message. They require normal letter mail postage to mail.