Beach Port Renfrew – Art Cards


Box set of 5 art cards.



Hidden behind the luxury suites perched on the dock at Port Renfrew, this small beach looks out onto Port San Juan, gateway to the Pacific Ocean.  The pervading mists were receding up the mountains and the eerie scene evoked the timeless nature of the west coast rainforest.  Camera: Tachihara 4×5.  Film: Ilford Delta 100 Professional. Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 121 mm.  Exposure:f22 @ 1/8 second.  CA: 18-04-01.

Box set of 5 art cards.

Art Cards are an inexpensive way to send beautiful photographic prints to friends and family. The cards are 5” x 7” and include an envelope. They are packaged in boxes of five, all with the same image. The image is presented with a white border around it, customized to the aspect ratio of the original. The inside is blank, allowing a personalized message. They require normal letter mail postage to mail