Sandcut Beach

The shingle beach at Sandcut is notoriously difficult to walk on, especially with 23 pounds of camera swinging on your back. But the effort was worth it catch the winter sun highlighting the beach stones and the surf. Misty smoke keeps everything moist.

Hasselblad 500 C/M. Lens: Zeiss 150 mm. Film: Ilford Delta 100. Edition of 10.


Sand, Water, Rock (2000)

Sand, Water, Rock, 2000

On Long Beach, in Pacific Rim National Park, Spring rains bring a flush of run-off waters to the ocean. Inevitably, the water seeks the depressions created by waves as it runs to the sea, caressing the embedded rocks on the beach, and creating soothing designs.

Canon AE-1 Film: Eastman Kodak Cine film. EI 80 CA 00-02-17 Edition of 10.


San Juan River Estuary, Port Renfrew

After a successful trip to Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew, I tried again to visit the Avatar Grove of huge trees near there, but was repelled by the threat of constant rain, it being no good for my Tachihara camera!  I came across this estuary and the swirling morning mists that ran across the water.  I quickly set up my camera and shot the remaining vestiges of the mists as they disappeared back into the forests.  CA: 18-02-01

Lens: Schneider-Kreuznack Super-Angulon 121 cm f22@ 4 seconds.  Delta 100 developed normally  in HC110 dil H. Edition of 10.


Beach, Port Renfrew

Hidden behind the luxury suites perched on the dock at Port Renfrew, this small beach looks out onto Port San Juan, gateway to the Pacific Ocean.  The pervading mists were receding up the mountains and the eerie scene evoked the timeless nature of the west coast rainforest.  Camera: Tachihara 4×5.  Film: Ilford Delta 100 Professional. Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach 121 mm.  Exposure:f22 @ 1/8 second.  CA: 18-04-01. Edition of 10.


Hidden Cove, Port Renfrew

Late one evening in Port Renfrew, BC, I was led down a narrow path by a wonderful young woman to see the hidden delights on the shores of Port San Juan, gateway to the Pacific Ocean here.  The peekhole through the fern covered rocks shows the receding morning mists and gives an ethereal feel to the whole scene.  Camera:  Tachihara 4×5.  Film: Ilford Delta 100 Professional.  Lens:  Schneider-Kreuznach 121 mm.  Exposure: f32 @ 8 seconds.  CA: 18-04-04 Edition of 10.


Quiet Island

Vancouver Island provides numerous small, hidden oases of solitude that feel like separate islands.  These isolated coves frequently get lost to the public, which is what the residents desire. This cove, with its glass topped ocean water just had to be captured with the rest of Vancouver Island disappearing into the background.

Camera: Canon AE1 35 millimeter.  Film Ilford 400 Delta.  CA: 02-07-21 Edition of 10.


Winter Storm

Off the coast of Wickaninnish in Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, the winter storm season is a tourist ‘happening’ of 1960’s proportions.  People gather from all over to observe the Pacific Ocean crashing up against the rocks, drenching any who venture too close.  On this occasion, the storm was gathering itself for an onslaught, but it was the clouds, not the sea that pulled me in.  Menace personified.  Canon AE 1.  Eastman Cine film  EI 80.  CA 91-02-12 Edition of 10.


Telegraph Cove Cabins

Telegraph Cove is a mecca for Orca whale watchers as it is close to storied Robson Bight where the northern pods gather to scrub their bellies on the rocks.  Shown at low tide in 1994, the village and its cabins are enveloped in the rainforest mists that descend and settle in the hollows in the Cove.  Camera: Canon AE 1.  Film: Eastman Cine film EI 80.  CA 94-02-25 Edition of 10.


Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove is a remote village on the north coast of Vancouver Island.  Today it is a bustling tourist destination for Orca watching, kayaking and sport fishing.  But in 1994, it was just beginning to find its future, and this dock scene showing old artifacts and buildings from past incarnations was typical.  The dock remains, but the woods in the mist have made way for developments.  Camera: Canon AE 1.  Film: Eastman Cine film EI. 80.  CA 94-02-30 Edition of 10.


Sunlight in a Rainforest

Forests abound on Vancouver Island with both temperate rainforest and mountain pine, the transitions abrupt and meaningful.  This shot came at the bottom of a gully amid the rainforest where the sunshine never lasts long.  One feels close to the earth here.  Camera: Canon AE 1.  Film: Eastman Cine film, EI 80.  CA: 11-04-17 Edition of 10.